Gallery of heat-survivors, almost all pot-dwellers…

Astilboides tabularis 616
Surviving well in a watered pot, though this was last week and it is toiling a bit now, the gracious leaves of Astilboides tabularis, now having its fourth birthday from seed, Tostat, August 2016
Begonia luxurians 816
New to me this year, Begonia luxurians, semi-shaded position and well-watered, and I really love it. What luxury!
Clerodenron bungei 716
Clerodendrum bungei lasted only a week in the heat and is already setting seed
Deinanthe caerulea Blue Wonder 716
Deinanthe caerulea ‘Blue Wonder’ is taking it’s time to settle into a pot. But the strange flowers are quite unique.
Hesperaloe parvifolia 2 716
The lobster-pink flowerspike of Hesperaloe parviflora– very badly treated by me, but it has flowered for the first time! Unfortunately it was decked this week by the dog!
Hedychium gardnerianum 716
Hedychium gardnerianum flowered with great ceremony, but only for a few days!
Lilium Flore Pleno and web 716
The fleeting beauty of Lilium lancifolium Flore Pleno with added spider web…
Pennisetum viridescens 816
Stunning black flowerhead of Pennisetum alopecuroides f. viridescens… first one this year.
Salvia Ember's Wish 816
New to me this year, Salvia x hybrida ‘Embers Wish’ with delectable colouring

Hesperaloe parviflora…from a sad fate to a happier future

Neglected and unloved. The picture of shame. Hesperaloe parviflora April 15
Neglected and unloved. The picture of shame. Hesperaloe parviflora April 15

This is a sad tale. I grew from seed, using the bizarre-but-it-works Deno seed growing method, one plant of Hesperaloe parviflora, the red yucca from the Chihuahua desert in Mexico amongst other hot places. I was astonished that I managed it. This was about eight years ago, I think.  Then, a combination of inexperience and boredom took hold, which led to me spending a lot of time looking at a stalk and getting fed up with it. To be perfectly honest, and I do stand condemned here, I gave up on it.  At some point, about 3 years later, I planted the stalk in a pot with dried-out used compost, and then ignored it.  Last winter, as I took the pots in, I even left this pot more or less in the dark and totally dry in the garage at the back.

More than a month ago, I glanced at it and shuddered, but also noticed that it was still alive.  Yesterday, I faced down my shame and got the pot out.  The photo above shows the sorry state of the plant, but it is still alive. So, frankly, if something is so determined to survive, I take my hat off to it and am now determined to do the right thing by it. By the way, ‘The Seed Site’ is an invaluable tool to the growing-from-seed brigade, it bailed me out tons of times in the early days and still does.

Hesperaloe parviflora as it should look. Photo credit:
Hesperaloe parviflora as it should look.
Photo credit:

This is how it should look, and I have some way to go to restore things.  If I am lucky, and it really does have a will to survive, it will produce flowers….

Hesperaloe flowering.. Photo credit:
Hesperaloe flowering..
Photo credit:

I am ashamed of myself. Must do better.