Siberia arrives…

Anemone x fulgens Multipetala 0218
Anemone x fulgens Multipetala, Tostat, February 2018

We got back from our trip to Madrid and London on Saturday in sunshine and just a little warmth.  Spirits were utterly lifted and the dog very puzzled, by the screams of joy as Scotland took the Calcutta Cup- a lot of Queen-type air punching accompanied the screaming from our sitting room.  You must allow me this weakness.  I am not a fan of nationalist politics, which, in general does not end well as history tells us.  But I am just thrilled when small countries bite back.  And Scotland deserved it in every way.  My Dad would have loved it.

Meantime, Siberia was advancing…last night temperatures reached about -8C, and those parts of the garden not touched by the bright sunshine today are in a permafrost lockdown.  But those hardy perennials can take it.  The Anemone, which was a new and expensive purchase as three small corms early last Spring is sporting three flowers today, all of which were decked at first but have popped back up as their stems thaw out.  The only bulb from the winter planting in a shallow bowl of Iris unguicularis ‘Mary Barnard’ to have flowered yesterday, has remained utterly unfazed.

Iris unguicularis Mary Barnard 0318
Iris unguicularis ‘Mary Barnard’, Tostat, February 2018

The two rescued wild daffodils to have flowered are still lying down, but as we only have another day and a bit of these cold temperatures, I am hoping that the rest will just stay put and wait.  They come out in different shapes and sizes, as you can see.  A wide, almost peony-type flower turning up as well as a star-framed flower with internal hoops of yellow. I adore them, and look forward to the four small clumps gradually expanding in the future.

Madrid photographs beckon…to be accompanied by the Mindful Gardener’s rather delicious orange, apricot and, in my case, seeds flapjack, as no almonds in the cupboard.  Yum.

Tostat daff 2 0218
Rescued wild daffodil, Tostat, February 2018
Tostat daff 1 0218
Rescued wild daffodil 2, Tostat, February 2018



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