A post-rain flurry….

Libertia grandiflora 517

Libertia grandiflora, Tostat, May 2017

Libertia grandiflora 2 517

Tall Libertia grandiflora, Tostat, May 2017

The rain has produced instant results.  Normally, Libertia grandiflora is a robust clump of strappy leaves followed by what I can only call Japanese-inspired clusters of pure white flowers appearing up and down long stems.  This is one of the first perennials that I grew successfully from seed, and so I am very fond of it.  But this year, doughty though it is, has proved too dry for it, and as you can see from the second photograph, the leaves are only 50% green the rest having dried away to stalks.  So, the flowers have been sporadic and very tiny.  But the last 3 days of rain have given it the energy to sprint for the finish. Paradoxically, the best flowers ( see the first photograph), though this was the only flowering stem in the entire clump, came from the plants in the driest location- who knows?

But it is a very lovely thing, and no matter whether you go for a photograph in landscape which accentuates the Japanese look, or in portrait, it is a graceful plant that simply provides a nice, tight vertical accent in amongst other plants later in the year.  This year. stardom has been brief.

Another plant that I grew early on from seed, is the native Iris, Iris pseudacorus.  It has adored the warmth and since it is planted into the bank of the canal in the back garden, has no worries about dryness.  So, it is hitting 1.3 metres tall and standing very proud, and, I may live to regret this, has spawned another 2 smaller clumps further along the bank.  It is a determined plant, happily pushing through the chickenwire, and the golden yellow speaks of Spring, with delicate ginger marking in the centre.  Lovely.

Iris pseudacorus 1 517

Iris pseudacorus, Tostat, May 2017

Iris pseudacorus 2 517

Looking through the dog-proof fence, Iris pseudacorus, Tostat, May 2017

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