Last looks before we go…


February garden, Tostat, 2017

Next week, we hand over the house and garden to our lovely French-Canadian house-sitting family, and we head off to Fes, Morocco, where Andy is doing an intensive Arabic course, and I?  Well, I will be tootling around, doing some yoga and whatnot, reading, taking photographs with the new-to-me camera, and also planning a visit to Marrakech.  I want to re-visit the Jardin Majorelle, and visit The Secret Garden for the first time.  And, thanks to a lucky exchange over a blog, I will also visit, as recommended by Angelica Gray, the author of The Gardens of Marrakech, the Anima Garden just outside the city.  What a weekend to look forward to.

Meantime, this is the first period of more than one day when we have been out working in the garden.  It feels so good.  At first, it’s overwhelming when you look round and see what needs doing, but then, as you settle in to tackling it all bit by bit-  it is joyous. This would, of course, sound completely mad to non-gardeners.

This is what I noticed in my madness:


They are so coy…Hellebore caught by the sun, Tostat, February 2017


Almost at their best when you have to hunt for them, Tostat, February 2017


I love the delicate freckles, and the architecture of the flower itself, Tostat, February 2017


To my eye, this Iris unguicularis is more of a purple than a blue, but gem-like all the same, Tostat, February 2017

And the terracotta of the old bread oven is taking on a Spring-like hue…


Dusty the cat, the bread oven and the setting sun, Tostat, February 2017

It is sad to miss some things, but oh, so exciting to be going…..more from Morocco.







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