February in Paris…

Paris PP3 216

Coulée verte Réne-Dumont, Paris, February 2016

Last weekend when, paradoxically it was t-shirt weather here in Tostat, we took the overnight train on Friday night and slept our way to Paris for the weekend- where the weather was pretty grey and grisly.  But spring could be seen on it’s way, and it was great to stroll.  The Coulée verte René-Dumont was wonderful, though wintry.  The first flowering almonds and Japanese quinces could be seen, and through the thick mulch, life was stirring.

The 4.5 km of the Coulée verte has been made on a circular local railway track that used to encompass Paris- the walkway near Bastille is raised, other sections are at ground level.  The raised section is dramatic, walking 15 or so metres up from pavement level, you are eyeball to eyeball with some great buildings.  I don’t know what this building was or is, but the escaping statue bodies are spectacular.  This great urban garden pathway was constructed in 1993 and pre-dates and inspired the New York City makers of the High Line.  It may not have Oudolf designed planting, but the stretch I walked had a good choice of winter and spring planting, homely rather than designer, and good all the same.

Paris Statue Prom Plantee 216

Escaping statue photographed from the Coulée verte, Paris, February 2016

Coming down from the Coulée verte, we walked swiftly in the direction of the Paris botanical garden, Jardin des Plantes, and more importantly, the hothouses.  I am not usually an orchid fan.  They come under the heading ‘Difficult and needing year round warmth’ in my book, but I was required to eat my hat as there was a stunning orchid show ‘Mille et une orchidées’ on display.  Here were two of my favourites, the colours were stunning, deep brooding purple and blue with zazzy pink and red.  The photograph tends to flatten the colour slightly- must read up how to change that!

Paris Vanda sylvia palmeri 2 216

Vanda Sylvia palmeri, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, February 2016

Paris Burregeara Nelly Isler 2 216

Burregeara Nelly Isler, Jardin des Plantes, Paris, February 2016

Just as the light was going, leaving Montmartre for Abbesse, we peered through the chainmail gate to glimpse the ancient vineyard or Clos de Montmartre.  The last working vineyard of Paris, there were once four vineyards in Montmartre alone, it produces wine called ‘Goutte d’Or’ which is supplied to local old people’s homes and charities.  Montmartre once had several windmills, it is high on a hill overlooking the city, and at the back of the photograph, I would lay money that the tower shaped building is an old windmill without sails.

Paris Montmartre vineyard 216

Montmartre vineyard, Paris, February 2016

And a planted garden in a square we passed through on the way to Bastille was really pleasing.  For a start, great children’s play equipment meant lots of use by families, grandparents, local residents, and then there were planters, each of which had been taken on by different residents to grow whatever they fancied.  A really good idea.  Okay, there wasn’t much to be seen in February, but I bet that in June, they are bursting with flowers, fruit and vegetables.  To top it off, a simple, but really pretty Spring planting of crocuses naturalising in the grass, with clipped and shaped viburnum giving that little touch of structure. Makes you smile.

Paris square 216

Naturalised crocuses popping up, Paris square, February 2016





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  1. Hi Alison, I love reading your stuff – you are so good at this – I always feel I am sharing the actual experience with you, when I am really just reading the words you have written – so very talented! Hope all’s well with you and yours,


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