Snowdrops and snow don’t work!

Snowdrops Adour Feb 15

Snowdrops by the Adour river, Feb 15

Yes, snowdrops in snow don’t work! Maybe that’s a little unkind. After all, they are still there blooming away despite the quad bike traffic and footprints which shows that people haven’t seen them doing their thing in the wild.  I should have taken a photo a few days ago before this very cold snap, as then, even with my camera skills, you would have seen a glorious carpeting of the woodland and paths with millions of snowdrops standing up to the weather and the people.  The snow cuts out the green, which is what makes a snowdrop, the contrast between the brilliant green of the leaves and flowertop (not sure of the correct botanical term here). Some managed to hang onto more green than others.

More green!

More green!

Tom Mitchell who runs Evolution Plants, a really ground-breaking and passionate nursery in Bradford-upon-Avon loves snowdrops and has some brilliant ones available. He himself reminds me of a snowdrop. Chucking up a city life, London and money, for the love of doing something different with his biology background and for the love of the plantworld.  Tough and undaunted, despite starting a business being a risky business.  His blog is very good value, and whilst I can never claim to be a galanthophile, as I think I only have 3 tiny plants that crept in from the Adour, I really love his spirit.  Another blogger, whose blog I really enjoy, is Carolyn who writes Carolyn’s Shade Gardens.  Her articles on snowdrops are really the business. I don’t have much shade, but what I have got, has been greatly informed by Carolyn and her garden in BrynMawr, Pennsylvania.  Thank you both.

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