Tostat moss Jan 2014

Tostat moss Jan 2014

And moss is a beautiful thing. Look at the mirrored droplets of water that it traps and holds. Our moss must be tough as it is frequently burnt to a crisp in the summer months. But the early part of the year gives it a starring, if discreet, role.  At Chelsea 2104, Kazuyuki Isihara built his Gold Medal winning Artisan Garden around a spectacular and gentle use of moss. He is a wonderful character. I once saw him on tv going nuts in a good way about winning a medal, and he is always cheery and happy to talk to people about his gardens at the show.

Isihara Garden, Chelsea 2014

Isihara Garden, Chelsea 2014

This photo that I managed to take quite close-up shows the beauty of the way he has constructed the moss pieces to form a natural undulating effect on low walls, and he mirrored the moss effect in his construction of the steps in the garden as well, see below.

Steps in the Isihara Garden, Chelsea 2014

Steps in the Isihara Garden, Chelsea 2014

Moss is brilliant with gentle light, and the Artisan Gardens are usually tucked away in a dappled shady corner of the site, so the location was perfect. My moss is en pleine soleil, hence the crisping it suffers, but it put itself there, so it must be ok.

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